What We Believe

What we believe:

The Silver-Stacking.com blog is dedicated to sharing our beliefs about silver as potentially one of the most logical investments for the current economy. From events like repetitive quantitive easing and bailouts, money printing is almost becoming parabolic, in return so should the price of silver. We believe that buying and holding physical silver is not just something for preppers and conspiracy theorists, but for anyone looking to make a solid investment in a very bullish commodity.

We believe that silver is REAL MONEY. Silver has intrinsic value unlike the paper in your wallet or the numbers on an ATM machine. Paper and numbers can and are created at will. Don’t get us wrong, paper and numbers have their place in modern society, namely facilitating exchange. However, because of the hidden tax of inflation, they do not make a great store of value.

The following is a great way to explain this concept of silver being “real money”:

Take two hypothetical people (man or woman) living in the year 1964. Person one hask four 90% silver quarters (dimes, quarters and half-dollars were composed of 90% silver until 1965). Person 2 has a $1 Federal Reserve Note, commonly referred to as a United States dollar. Both people could theoretically go to the gas station and purchase roughly 4 gallons of gas for that amount. That does not happen, instead they put the money in a time capsule and agree to dig it up in 2012 to buy their long awaited gas. Fortunately both people survive until 2012 and the big day to spend their buried “fortune” comes. Person one is thrilled, his 4 silver quarters are now worth $21! He can buy that long awaited 4 gallons of gas and have plenty of change. However, courtesy of our good old friend inflation, person two still only has $1 and cannot afford even 1/3 of a gallon of gas. Simply put, silver stores value and appreciates while paper does nothing but depreciate.

Not only is silver a very competent store of value, we believe that it may also be an incredible facilitator in the transfer of wealth. As previously mentioned, silver is still in the midst of a bull-market. The current forecast for silver based on the history of commodity cycles suggests that the price of silver should continue to increase (the specifics of commodity market cycles and how it applies to the current state of silver, will be discussed in a later article). Thinking about it, buying silver today should put you in the advantageous position of wealth preservation and growth like person one, while accumulating dollars in a savings account will most likely make you a victim of inflation like person 2.
Finally we believe that by spending some time on our blog and a bit of outside research you will gain:

-A greater knowledge of the current economic forces and their implications on the future value of silver.

-The reasons why the dollar is becoming an increasingly bad method of storing your wealth.

-How profitable & exciting the process of physical silver accumulation, or as we like to call it “stacking”, can be.

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Spot Price

Some where along the path of silver investment you will come across the term spot price. Simply put, this is the going price for one troy ounce of silver (Unlike a regular ounce, a troy ounce contains roughly 31.1 grams). Except, you cannot under most circumstances, buy a physical ounce of silver for that price. In this entry we will cover the topic of how the spot price is calculated and based on that spot price what you can expect to pay for an ounce of physical silver.